Eloquin Beauty Treatment Rooms

Classic Essential Facial

The Classic Essential Environ Facial uses the Ionzyme machine and optimum strength vitamins A and C to care for your skin. Our therapist will begin by using Environ products to manually remove any dead skin and oils from the face and neck. This allows for a clean surface so that the active ingredients and vitamins can be penetrated more effectively. The Classic Environ Facial using two functions of the Ionzyme machine to give you target driven results.  Your Therapist will choose specific active ingredients to help target your main concerns. From deep re-hydration with our Hyaluronic Acid, to Collagen Boosting serums or Intensive Vitamin C to break up pigmentation.

The first is Sonophoresis, which uses sound waves to transport vitamin molecules into the skin. In this way the Classic Environ Facial delivers the vitamins much more effectively than with conventional absorbing methods. This means that you will feel and see a difference in your skin much quicker. The Sonophoresis is used on 2 small target areas where the vitamins are needed most.

For the rest of the skin the Ionzyme machine uses Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis uses an electrical current to facilitate the penetration of vitamins into the skin. This means that your skin feels the benefit of these active ingredients and vitamins much sooner than with conventional methods. All this and while the machine is doing the hard work you can relax as our therapist relieves any tension you may have with a shoulder and neck massage.

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