Eloquin Beauty Treatment Rooms

Intro Facial

The Intro Environ Facial is recommended for your first facial as an Environ client. Environ facials blur the line between cosmetic and medical treatments. Our Ionzyme Machine has been specifically designed to maximise the active vitamins potential for giving you healthy, younger looking skin. We recommend the Intro Environ Facial as this also comes with a FREE skin consultation. Before you have your facial one of our fully trained therapists will talk to you about your skin needs. They will ask questions such as, What have you been using on your skin? What are your main skin concerns? These questions have been designed so that your therapist can build a difinitive picture of how your skin is working at the moment and what Environ can do to help your situation. They can then suggest a treatment route for you that is designed for your specific requirements. In the Intro Environ Facial your therapist will prepare your skin with a cleanse and exfoliate before applying essential vitamins to be penetrated deep into the skin using a gauze and soft pulsing current.

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