Eloquin Beauty Treatment Rooms


Feel yourself melt & unwind as the warmth from the stones radiates through your body

Back, Neck & Shoulder £29.00 – read more
Full Body, Face & Scalp £53.50 – read more

Firm & deep to ease muscular tension.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage £37.00 – read more
Rungu & Bumba Massage £38.00 – read more

Relaxing & flowing, using essential oils with therapeutic properties.

Back & Neck Massage £28.00 – read more
Full Body Massage £45.00 – read more
Full Body Face & Scalp Massage £51.00 – read more
Aroma Special £57.00 – read more

Relax from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head as we combine a full body massage & facial.

‘Head in the clouds’ £24.00 – read more

Calms & relaxes body and mind.

Asian Inspired Foot Massage £24.00 – read more

Deeply relaxing, leaves you feeling as if you are walking on air!