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Chocolate Pedicure

Mint Chocolate Pedicure

This is a treatment for chocoholics everywhere! This is an indulgent yet stimulating treatment for your feet. The Mint Chocolate Pedicure begins with removing some of the hard skin from your feet. This will allow for better movement in the feet and also allow other products to be absorbed much move efficiently. Your feet will then be soaked in an invigorating footbath and a scrub will take away any dull tired skin from the rest of the feet and ankles.

Now that your feet have been removed from the water your therapist can begin to remove any hard skin that is still remaining in a more targeted way. Your nails are cut and filed and cuticles are tidied. Then lay back and relax while your therapist carries out a blissful foot massage using peppermint essential oil, which will help to stimulate your blood flow and refresh tired aching tootsies. Your feet are then encased in warm, velvety, chocolate paraffin wax allowing the warmth to engulf your feet and the anti-oxidants to sink into the skin. This indulgent Mint Chocolate Pedicure treatment is finished with a polish of your choice. This can either be a colour polish or French.

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