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Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure


A Deluxe Manicure is the perfect remedy for hardworking hands! It’s time your hands received some well deserved T.L.C. Don’t just consider a Deluxe Manicure as just an indulgence, it is a specific treatment that we at Eloquin can tailor to your particular needs.

A Deluxe Manicure begins with a detailed assessment of your hands and nails. The therapist will then be able to decide the best possible route in which to develop your skin and nail health. A nail moisturiser along with a skin and cuticle gel is applied to your nails, these two moisturisers combined begin to soften and strengthen your nails and skin. The therapist will then cut and file your nails to your desired shape. A Deluxe Manicure also has the added bonus of having your cuticles pushed back and any excess removed, thus allowing for healthier nail growth. A moisturiser is used for a blissful hand and arm massage before placing your hands into heated mittens. The heat will allow the moisturisers to sink deeper in your skin and nails.

The Deluxe Manicure is then finished with a polish of your choice and a specially formulated nail oil over the top of the polish which will help to hydrate your cuticles and nails even further.


A Deluxe Pedicure is for all of you out there that have been neglecting your feet.

Cracked heels, hard, dry skin, overgrown cuticles, does any of this sound familiar? Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our body yet most of us give them the least amount of attention.

The Deluxe Pedicure is designed to tackle these more persistent complaints.  In the Deluxe Pedicure the therapist will begin by removing some of the hard skin from your feet. This will allow for better movement in the feet and also allow other products to be absorbed much move efficiently. Your feet will then be soaked in a relaxing footbath and a scrub will take away any dull tired skin from the rest of the feet and ankles. Now that your feet have been removed from the water your therapist can begin to remove any hard skin that is still remaining in a more targeted way. The Deluxe Pedicure uses a specialised hand held machine to remove smaller areas of hard skin. This machine can also remove hardened and stubborn cuticles. Your therapist will then cut and file your toenails before being treated to a fantastic foot massage using a specialised massage cream. The feet are then placed into heated booties. This is a very intensive way of moisturising the skin. The heat from the booties will make the re-hydration procedure much more effective.

The Deluxe Pedicure is then finished with a nail polish of your choice. This can either be a colour polish or French. A specially formulated nail oil is applied over the top of the polish, which will help to hydrate your cuticles, and nails even further

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