Eloquin Beauty Treatment Rooms

Hydrating Facial

Our Environ Hydrating Facial uses a cocktail of active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid to intensely re-hydrate the skin.

This facial starts off with a deep cleanse and exfoliate to remove dead, dry skin, preparing it for the active ingredients.

Two areas of specific concern are chosen and we use Sonophoresis (sound waves) on these areas to facilitate the penetration of the products 10 times deeper into the skin layers. The rest of the skin is treated with Iontophoresis (pulsed galvanic current) to facilitate the penetration of vitamins. These methods mean that the Environ Hydrating Facial delivers vitamins much deeper so your skin feels and sees the benefit of these active ingredients and vitamins much sooner than with conventional methods. Whilst the machine is doing the hard work you can relax as our therapist relieves any tension you may have with a neck and shoulder massage.

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