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Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up in Hampshire.

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Can give you perfect shaped eyebrows, defined lips and smudge free eyeliner – all day, every day, for years.

Kerri, our Permanent Make-up Specialist qualified in 1996 so has many years of experience. She uses coloured pigments, derived from plants, and places them skilfully into the skin creating long-lasting effects of professionally applied make-up.

Imagine waking in the morning without the daily chore of having to apply make-up, or emerging from a swim looking as radiant as when you entered the water.

This modern make-up miracle, is available for:

  • Permanent make-up for Eyes – framing them with an expertly applied natural line, or dots to enhance the eyelashes making them look thicker.
  • Permanent make-up for Brows – perfectly shaped and coloured to suit your face. Even when there is little, or no hair, it is made to look very natural with individual feathery hairs.
  • Permanent make-up for the Lips – uneven or thing lips can have their shape subtly corrected and enhanced by permanent lip liner.
  • Permanent make-up, Beauty Spots – add a little interest to your face, anywhere you want!

Before the permanent make-up treatment you will have a detailed consultation to which you will come wearing your normal make-up. Kerri will show you a portfolio of her work, and explain different permanent make-up techniques that can be used. Bring along old photos, magazine pictures, anything that will help you explain the permanent make-up look you want. If you have no idea, Kerri will offer suggestions, and together you will decide on a permanent make-up look that is perfect for you.

The treatment involves placing tiny particles of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a machine that looks like a pen with a small probe. This pigment shows through the skin as shadows of colour.

After the treatment the area may look slightly red and puffy for 24hrs and colours may appear brighter or darker for 3-6 days. A touch-up permanent make-up appointment to perfect the look can be made for 4 weeks later.

Permanent make-up treatments typically last between 2-6 years, they will fade gradually.

If you are excited reading this then do come along for a permanent make-up consultation, it costs £25, but could change your life for ever.

To book a permanent make-up appointment with Kerri speak to reception. For more detailed information leave your telephone number at reception and Kerri will call you back.

Costs: Consultation – £25, 1st Treatment – £195, Top-ups – £115