Eloquin Beauty Treatment Rooms

Facial Treatments


The most advanced skin care system available today. Each facial uses high doses of ‘active’ vitamins A, C, E and Beta-Carotene to produce dramatic results in treating lines, wrinkles, sagging, sun damage, pigmentation, acne and scarring. Environ offers a real alternative to surgery. Facials include an intensive eye and neck treatment.

Intro Facial – £57.00 – see more

This would be your first Environ Facial, Consultation & treatment plan tailored for your skin’s specific need.

Classic Facial – £57.00 – see more
Deluxe Facial – £70.00 – see more
Intensive Facial – £75.00 – see more
Ultimate Facial – £91.00 – see more
Sonophoresis (5 mins per area) – £10.50 – see more

Excellent for scarring & pigmentation.

LACM Sterilisation Facial – £27.00 – see more
Galvanic Facial – £49.00 – see more
Cool Peel – £65, Course of 6 £325.02 – see more


Microdermabrasion – £47.00 – see more

Suits most skins, see your skin radiate and imperfections fade.

Non-surgical Facelift – £39.00, Course of 6 £210.00 – see more

Tones and lifts sagging muscles leaving a glowing and youthful complexion.

Collagen Stimulation Therapy – £150.00 – see more

Free Consultations, £150 per treatment (+£75 for roller, lasts 6 treatments)


Mini Facial – £21.00 – see more
Aromatherapy Facial – £33.00 – see more

Essential oils are blended to suit your skin and used for a warm compress and relaxing massage.

Indulgent Chocolate Facial – £47.00 – see more

This facial smells heavenly and does wonders for your skin.

Hot Stone Facial – £47.00 – see more

Warm stones glide over face, neck & shoulders aiding the penetration of products. Whilst your mask is on, we massage your scalp to ease away any tension.